Annual Scholarship Awards:

A total of twenty scholarships are awarded each year.

The three top awards are $2,000.00 each year during the four years of college or university attendance.

The twelve remaining awards are $2,000.00 for the first year of college or university attendance.

Program Stipulations:

Available to Members of continuous good standing for at least twelve months immediately preceding the June 1 application deadline or their eligible dependents.

In association with attendance at an accredited four-year college or university for the pursuit of an academic degree.

Application Process:

Scholarship applications must be submitted no later than June 1 by students who are graduating from high school in the spring of the same year.

Each application must be accompanied with:

1. A paragraph on a separate sheet of paper listing the applicant’s main activities and interests during the previous four years both in and out of high school, a description of any honors or awards received during that period and, a description of any employment and type of work done.

2. A written essay on a subject of the applicant’s choice consisting of 200 words or less.

3. Each applicant must arrange for the forwarding of his/her official transcript complete through the fall term, and a copy of his/her SAT or ACT scores to the Scholarship Fund Committee no later than the June 1 application closing date.

All winners will be announced by the end of the first week of July.

Receipt of the actual monetary award requires each winner to provide proof of acceptance and intent to attend the accredited college or university of their choice and be present at the Scholarship Awards Dinner – failure to meet these two final stipulations will void the award.

For more information or to apply, please see the attached 2023 Scholarship Application.