Financial Security

Collective Bargaining Agreements between the union and contributing employers have established pension plans to provide for your long-term financial security. These plans fall under the term Defined Benefit Plan. They are designed to provide retirement income for life in addition to those Social Security Administration (SSA) benefits to which you may be entitled. All contributions to fund these plans are provided by participating employers pursuant to Collective Bargaining Agreements.

There are several steps that Local 464A members should take to understand this valuable benefit. (Also see Frequently Asked Questions - Pensions):

Step 1 – Obtain a Pension Plan Booklet (also referred to as a Summary Plan Description – SPD) from your Shop Steward or Union Agent

Step 2 – Read the booklet carefully and be sure to mark important sections for reference

Step 3 – If, after reading the booklet, you have any questions call:

Full-Time and Part-Time Local 464A (not employed by A&P) Little Falls Office 973.256.3446

A&P Full-Time, Stop&Shop-Long Island (Former Finast/Edwards) and Thruway Markets UFCW National Pension Fund 800.531.2385 or

A&P Part-Time (This Plan is provided and administered by A&P) A&P Montvale Office 201.571.4548


Remember - All applications for retirement benefits must be submitted in writing on forms that are available from the the appropriate administrative office listed above. The forms must be fully completed and returned in advance of the date you wish to begin receiving your pension. Call the appropriate number above to obtain the forms.