The new COVID-19 World has changed so many of our practices and procedures. Among those changes are the manner in which we negotiate our Collective Bargaining Agreements.

As we know, our contract demands and selection of those to serve on the Contract Committee were all conducted at store level to avoid hundreds of people congregating at the Union Hall. The demands have been tentatively formulated and will be reviewed by the Contract Committee, which was selected by the Executive Board Members working for that particular Company participating in negotiations.

The first meeting of the Union Committee and Company Committee was held in early September. Additional meetings are scheduled through September and October until the expiration on October 31, 2020.

Your Union expects these negotiations to be most difficult. We face many unique issues, including wage compaction because of the minimum wage and a changing industry caused by online shopping and COVID-19. We will keep our members updated by postings on our Website. Members should stay informed and remain militant in our battle for better wages, benefits and working conditions.