Shellfish Spa

              Retailers are doing everything they can to make shopping trips an experience for customers. With the threat of online shopping, supermarket chains are trying out new ideas to increase traffic in the stores. One example of how stores are doing this is with a new display called the “Shellfish Spa”. Tom Olsen, president of Lobster Life Systems is the creator of ‘Shellfish Spa’, a device which preserves live product such as clams, oysters, mussels, and etc. “the container bathes shellfish in a continuous stream of saltwater and maintains an ocean-like environment for peak freshness”. The waterfall-like display is designed to catch the attention of the shoppers. Olsen has placed some of the first models of the Shellfish Spa in two Inserra Shoprite stores in New Jersey. The hope is that this product will result in an increase in purchase throughout the department. In general, the seafood department has the least amount of impulse buying across the store; an attraction like this will hopefully drive customers to purchase items they may not have normally.