that he along with our bankruptcy attorneys and the other four Local Unions holding contracts with Kings supermarkets

have been working tirelessly together every day searching for the best solution to a most difficult problem. The paramount issue that weighs heavily on my mind is the fact that we are dealing collectively with the livelihood of 2,000 of our brothers and sisters at a time of massive unemployment.

We have to measure that against a proposal that completely guts our contract and takes away our respectability by;

1. Eliminating our excellent Pension Plan.

2. Taking away our outstanding health care.

3. Taking away our Sunday premium.

4. Reducing the full-time work week to 30 hours.

5. Granting no raises with the prospective signing of a new agreement.

6. Setting up a lower tier for new hires, which is an insult.

I know this bankruptcy filing by Kings makes some of us angry, especially when we have seen saleAN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT JOHN T. NICCOLLAI - SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2020


President Niccollai reported todays increase dramatically during this pandemic. Some may question whether it is 

a ploy to sell the Company to others that seek to make profits off our backs.

As your President, I will tell you that we must put aside our anger and must continue to work together in an effort to save our jobs and allow Kings to survive.

What we can not do is give up our dignity, our union contract, our outstanding medical, and a pension plan to take care of us in retirement.

Many of us have historically viewed Kings as a premier company in terms of quality products, a knowledgeable workforce, and progressive corporate leadership.

Your Union is eager to continue to sit in intense negotiations with King's leadership or any prospective buyer to hammer out a deal that can mutually achieve our goals

and our needs.