TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2020


President Niccollai reported today that as we approach the beginning of the sixth month of the COVID-19 Pandemic we are still experiencing a very different lifestyle both on the job and at home.  So many people in other professions have been cast out of work and are having great difficulty getting Federal and State financial assistance.  Some are ultimately going to lose their homes and their possessions.  Although we are toiling under extremely stressful conditions, the more important issue is that we are classified as Essential Workers and are earning a paycheck each week.

Your Local Union is aggressively continuing the fight to maintain and regain our “hazard pay”.  We are constantly putting pressure on our Employers to do the right thing as COVID cases spike in most areas of the Country.

We are pleased to report that our International Union will be assisting us to an even greater degree with their full resources in our fight for “hazard pay”.   Apart from all that the Local Unions are doing, we can now expect a National Campaign including petitions, social media, paid media with TV spots, and political involvement pushing for grants and higher wages for Essential Supermarket Workers.

Your Local Union is also pleased to report that during the past six months of the Pandemic our offices have been open and working a normal schedule daily.  Our team of Delegates has also been on the job and is servicing members in the field.

For those members working at ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Kings, Foodtown, and many of our Independent Employers, the contract expires Saturday, October 31, 2020.  Because of COVID-19 and the State and Federal restrictions on the assembling of large groups, the Contract Demands and Contract Committee Members will be solicited at the store level. This week's forms will be distributed to our Shop Stewards and Key Members through our Delegates.  These forms, when completed and returned, will compile our demands and list members who seek to serve on the Committee.   

The resiliency of our Brothers and Sisters is nothing short of amazing.  Notwithstanding the COVID scourge, we are all doing our jobs fully and professionally.  Even though we are disappointed with the ungrateful economic treatment by our Employers concerning “hazard pay”, please be aware that we are respected and admired by the overwhelming majority of our customers and the public at large.

Keep working safely and smartly, and understand that we will get back to a more normalized lifestyle as we get closer to a vaccine and treatment drugs.