CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS UPDAT - President Niccollai reported today that the Union Contract Negotiating Committee met again today with the Negotiating Committee for the Employers.  The Company gave us a second contract proposal, which was slightly better than the first proposal, but still far short of our goals and needs.  The biggest positive move made by the Employers related to the fact that they will continue to fund our Defined Benefit Pension Plan for both full-time and part-time members.  The biggest disappointment is the Company’s position to require a 9 ½% deduction from our gross pay weekly to fund our Health Care Plan.  

The two sides spoke extensively on our philosophical differences.  The Union in no uncertain terms let the Employers know that we risk our health and well-being working at a job that gives us arthritis, bursitis, back problems, leg problems besides using dangerous tools and equipment.  Concepts of fair play and compassion dictate that our Employers should continue to provide our healthcare with no co-pay.  There was still no movement on the issue by the Companies.

President Niccollai indicated there are a litany of other issues that we must resolve within the next four days in order to put together a contract worthy of ratification.  He earmarked hazard pay, wage compression, technological change language, online shopping and home delivery, the issue of the Seafood Manager, Schedule “C” Clerk progressions, central cutting issues and, most importantly, the need for no co-pay Health Care for full and part-time members.   The Employers did make a de minimis move in a wage proposal, but again it’s so far from our needs that it does not merit discussion.  Obviously, neither side wants to see a strike, but an even worse scenario is to accept a contract that insults our dignity and expertise.  Our Industry is profitable during this Pandemic and we truly deserve our fair share of the pie.

We have to let Management know that we will not be shortchanged during these negotiations.  The best way to avoid a strike is to inform Management that you are willing to fight for what you truly deserve.  Those who speak otherwise are selling out their Brothers and Sisters’ path to a brighter future.

Your Union will continue to battle tirelessly to get an agreement worthy of you and ultimate ratification.  We have always delivered outstanding contracts and benefits and, with your continued support, we will deliver an exceptional result.