Working safely and working smartly in our supermarkets, warehouses and processing plants has become demanding and stressful. Apart from the wearing of masks and observing social distancing, many of us have also become policemen finding it necessary to regulate the actions of customers and some coworkers to assure proper safety. Unfortunately, the situation may get worse before it gets better, especially if we see a large spike in the number of cases in the New York-New Jersey Metro Area.

The solutions we are all anxiously awaiting are a vaccine and a treatment program. We are confident with the great minds in the world working towards these goals that results are in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, we must all remain extremely diligent by wearing safety equipment, social distancing and practicing good hygiene. For those of our Brothers and Sisters stricken, we wish you a speedy and complete recovery. To the families of those we have lost, your loved ones are in our hearts and in our pr