About Local 464A



Executive Board: 1st row L to R: Peter Surck, Jr., Harry Stahl, Philip Moccio, Raymond H. Walsh, Gary Roe, William Farley (retired from Board), Frank Sasso (retired from Board), Kevin Biernacki, Joseph Jewell; 2nd L to R: Joseph Scarano, Adriana DePiano, John Niccollai III (Liaison to Board), Ramon Rando, John T. Niccollai, Frank Hanley, Jr., Joann Piscitelli (Board Secretary), Jorge Acosta, John Kocak, Frank Desimini; 3rd L to R: Walter Haass, Hampton Terry, Alphonse D’Alessio (retired from Board), Kevin Leahy, Andrew Hessler, James Rodgers, Francis Stinner (deceased), Peter DeVries,
not shown - Andrew Lehman, Denise Poshinski

UFCW Local 464A represents nearly 20,000 service industry workers with a focus upon retail and wholesale foods. Our members hold positions in food processing, meat cutting and packing, seafood, delicatessen, appetizer and many other wholesale and retail specialties. In recent years we have expanded our membership to include workers in wholesale manufacturing, delivery, professional services and other areas. Among the major companies with which we bargain on behalf of our members are Foodtown, Kings, ShopRite and Stop & Shop.

Our territorial geography extends from Kingston, New York in the north to Barnegat, New Jersey in the south. The east/west boundaries are the Atlantic Ocean to the Delaware River. In addition, we represent members in all of Westchester County, portions of New York City, Long Island and Milford, PA. UFCW Local 464A is headquartered in Little Falls, NJ. A second office is maintained in Tarrytown, NY. There are eight Union Business Agents snd four Organizing Coordinators continuously on the road, visiting stores and servicing members.

Local 464A’s union contracts are among the best in the industry, providing progressive and advanced benefits. The union enjoys an excellent financial position with sound investments on behalf of the membership. The benefits of membership in UFCW Local 464A include medical, dental and vision care together with coverage for prescription drugs and a secure pension plan. Other programs include legal services, a scholarship program and financial support in the event of death. For information on the specific benefits applicable to you or to obtain the appropriate full or part time benefit booklet click Health & Welfare and/or Financial Security or call the applicable telephone number displayed on the Telephone #s page. To obtain assistance on a wide variety of other matters call the Little Falls, NJ office at 973.256.6790.

Also, in an effort to keep the membership informed, Local 464A distributes a quarterly newsletter called The Sentinel. This publication provides important notifications, information on Local 464A's services and feature articles of interest to the membership.